Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sunday morning

It's Sunday morning, about 75 degrees and overcast. It's quiet and comfortable and the coffee tastes great!

Rebecca has been with us for the weekend again. Yesterday, she had her weekly session with the musical theater group, taught by "Miss Dolly," a wonderful, very energetic lady in her early eighties, who conducts classes at the Delray Beach Playhouse. Rebecca is going to audition for admission to Bach, a public school focusing on the performing arts. Students must pass the audition, then are chosen through a lottery to be accepted. Miss Dolly has offered to spend extra time with Rebecca to prepare her for the auditions.

We took Becca to her class, and had several hours to kill until she was finished, so we took a sight-seeing drive down Florida A1A, along the coast. The oceanfront mansions in Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale will take your breath away! And the yachts along the inland waterway are just amazing! It makes me wonder how so many people can have so much money!

We stopped for lunch in Ft. Lauderdale, at a place called The H2O Cafe. It was very good! We both had Cuban sandwiches, because what else would you have this close to Miami?

As I mentioned earlier, Kozy Kamper RV Park is an interesting place. I will take some pictures of some of the "permanent" residents' sites so you can get a feel for the place. Many of the sites are well kept, but some...

On our trip here in August we stayed at County parks- very roomy and well kept, but not available in the peak season without reservations very much in advance.

Kate and I figured out where we will move on to next. After the memorial service for my Mom on January 24th, we will spend a day with Michele and Gwen in Alpharetta, GA., and then head on down to the gulf coast of Alabama. We found an RV resort that, in an effort to attract new clients, is offering a week's stay for $99. I'm sure we will be "offered" the opportunity to hear about what a good deal they have on permanent sites, but we will point out that we are the "sauntering" Sampsons, and don't plan on settling down anywhere just yet.


  1. Will you be putting pictures up here or somewhere else and linking to them?

    1. We will be posting some pictures here, and more somewhere else. Haven't decided on which site to use yet. Possibly Flickr, or Photobucket, or the new feature of Dropbox called Carousel. So many choices!