Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Kate has been an interesting 10 days .

Rebecca stayed with us for a week before school started again. She'll spend more time with us during the remaining time we're here in FL. We are meeting some of her friends and they are typical 11 year olds, just like her. Having raised two boys, it cracks me up to watch her grow up. So different than boys. Fortunately Rebecca gave me instructions on how to apply make-up. I have been doing it incorrectly for over 50 years.

The park we are staying in leaves a lot to be desired. 70% of the sites are permanent, meaning that people live here. And some of the residents do not take care of their RVs or sites. Hopefully you guys are getting the gist of this.

Both of us are very badly bruised because we are banging into things while we are getting used to the layout of the rv. We're both black and blue. :)

Our 3 pets are loving this RV life, except when we drive too many hours. They all enjoy that we are so close together in the small amount of space. 

To be honest, it is taking me a while to get used to the space. It is very difficult to keep the RV looking neat, because it gets cluttered, And it is bugging me. But every full-timer says that it takes time to get comfortable. This too shall come to pass, as my dad used to say.

However, it takes no time to clean the RV. This, of course, suits me just fine. Do not mind cleaning anymore.

It has been unseasonably hot for this time of year.....cooling down tomorrow. It makes me feel sorry for the folks that are struggling with the cold and snow in other parts of the country. My son, Jeff, told me that it hurts to be outside where he lives in western NY.

Starting to think about where we will travel to next, and that is exciting. Hopefully our tendency to fly by the seat of our pants lifestyle will not get us in trouble since we do not plan in advance and make reservations.

Closing for with you soon. Hoping that the new year is going well for you. Thankfully it is for us.

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