Sunday, March 25, 2012

Closer and closer

Here it is, Spring, 2012, and we're still in the house and not on the road where we belong. But... we are getting much closer! We have detached ourselves from our house and a great deal of the things inside it. We've gone through most of our "stuff" and either donated it, put in on Craig's List or Ebay, given it to friends, or trashed it. Things we just couldn't live without for years (and moved with us all over the country) have finally hit the landfill! Each thing we pick up either has to fit into the 5th wheel, or out it goes. It's amazing how much easier it is to clean house with that attitude!

We've also done all the things we should have done long ago to the house in preparation for selling it- like replacing the worn carpet, painting a few rooms, pressure washing the house and driveway, etc., etc., etc. We figure we'll have it on the market in about three weeks. We have some neighbors who have been a tremendous help in all this. They helped us rid our minds of the doubt and negativity , and focus on the positive energy needed to make the next phase of our lives a reality. Think Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer and Ekhard Tolle. We are working hard at this, and know it will work. There are buyers out there that want our house- all we have to do is connect with them.

That being said, if any of you out there want to help, here's what you can do.  Just focus some of that extra unused energy you have lying around to help us get there. I promise we'll return it when we meet up with you on the road!!