Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Deja Vu all over again

We've had an interesting past few weeks. First it was back to Hendersonville, NC for my mother's memorial service on the 24th of January. We left Ft Lauderdale and stopped by Michele and Gwen's place in Alpharetta, GA where we spent the night and left the motorhome. We also got to meet our beautiful great grandson while we were there! Then we drove to Hendersonville and checked in to the Hampton Inn, where most of the family was staying for the weekend. 

The service was wonderful- very moving, and provided closure for us all. Mom had it planned as far as what hymns were sung and what scripture was read, but I was touched most by the piano solo of Clair de Lune, which Mom used to play frequently when we were young, and by what Bob and Betsy said. I chose not to speak at the service, fearing it would be too painful. Bob and Betsy's comments brought back many old memories that I had tucked far away. It was good to be reminded of all that Mom had done during her lifetime. I had been more focused on how she was the last couple years and not on the past. She was truly an extraordinary person!

We enjoyed spending time with the extended family, catching up on what's been happening in their lives, including meeting our new great nephew, Lincoln! 

The following Monday we drove back to Alpharetta. Tuesday afternoon we cranked up the Molly Bee and headed for Gulf Shores, Alabama.  We decided to stop for the night outside Montgomery at a Cracker Barrel. While driving there, on a narrow bridge, after dark, I was driving too close to the right edge of the road, and hit a bridge abutment, scraping down the entire passenger side of the rig. Kate had been warning me about being too close on the passenger side, and I was working on staying closer to the left hand lane markers, but I slipped up. When we got to Cracker Barrel, we couldn't open the door to get out! I had to call the restaurant and have the manager come out to see what the damage was to the door. He brought out a hammer and piece of wood to bend the lower door trim down so we could get out. Wow, the damage was terrible! All the storage doors are wrecked, The fiberglass front end, fender wells, and rear bumper area all have to be repaired.

We drove on to Lake Osprey RV Country Club the next day. We had reservations for a week for a special price of $99. We were very lucky to find an RV repair and body shop nearby. They have very good reviews from rv'ers we've spoken with. They also have a campground within their facility so we can stay there while repairs are being made. He should have the estimate completed tomorrow (Wednesday), so we'll know what to look forward to. The good news is we don't have anywhere else we need to be so we have all the time we need. The bad news is we don't know how our insurance company is going to react to our second claim in six months. We just have to wait and see...

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