Wednesday, November 26, 2014

We're Still In Shock!

In October we decided that we would once again try to sell the house. At first we considered For Sale By Owner, but after a lot of research and soul searching, we decided to go with a Realtor (actually a husband and wife team who have sold several homes in our +55 community over the past couple years). 

Long story short, three weeks after listing the house, we got an offer. We countered, they accepted, and,since they've already sold their house, they want to be in ours by December 19! They are pre-approved for their mortgage, so barring something catastrophic during the home inspection, we will be full-timers on December 20th!

Oh, the lists, the lists! What doesn't fit in the MH must go! Donate, sell, throw away... making sure that our auto, rv and health insurance are able to be transferred. And of course, we are going on the assumption that everything goes as expected. We really don't want to get rid of all our stuff if the deal falls through.

So now we are figuring out our best options for the state to call home. We have concluded that for us it boils down to Texas or South Dakota. We have a pretty short timeline since we don't want to have a mailing address in one state and plates and licenses from another. We aren't really crazy about a trip to South Dakota in the middle of winter, so Texas seems to be the state we'll call home.

Escapee's can provide us with a mailing address and a permanent street address. They even have a brochure on their site called, How To Become a Real Texan.

Our first destination will be south to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida where we've made reservations for a month. After that, it looks as if we'll meander across the Southeast to Polk County, Texas to take care of all the processes to become official Texans. 

After that, it's wherever the wind blows us...