Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Year Since My Last Post?

So okay, we thought that we would be on the road by now! Many things have happened, or not happened, to prolong this agonizing wait to become road warriors- the housing market certainly not the least of the issues. 

But now we are (finally) fully retired, so we can concentrate on the things we need to do to get the house ready to sell. We've resigned ourselves to the fact that we're going to lose money, and all we're hopeful for is that we can recover enough of our equity to cover a big chunk of the 5th wheel and truck. Since we're located in western North Carolina, quite close to Asheville, we're planning on marketing the house as a fully furnished second home in one of the most beautiful areas of the country.

Kate has been following all the blogs as well as conducting many hours of research during this past year. We've pretty much settled on the new rigs from Redwood as our first choice. Their 36RL looks like a perfect setup for us. We've visited Southern RV in Jonesboro, GA, our closest dealership, and have been very impressed with the Redwood line, and the very knowledgeable staff at Southern RV.

One of our customers at my last place of employment is a diesel mechanic working on 18 wheelers. I asked him what truck he would recommend for our situation and his response was to get a 2003 or 2004 one ton Dodge. His words were "you just can't kill them." They can be repaired almost anywhere, and they run forever. So it looks like we're pretty well set as far as nailing down our gear. 

That's the news from the Sauntering Sampsons. Hope all of you are doing well. We'll see you on the road soon!