Thursday, September 2, 2010

Time For Some Honesty

Tommy and absolutely love the picture of us in Seattle that he posted on our blog today. It was taken quite some time ago ( it's scary that we can't remember what year), probably in the mid 90's. Here comes the honesty.........since that time we have both gained a few pounds...even some more honesty....about 20 pounds each. Oh how I wish I still had that great neck and chin!!!

Have a great Labor Day Weekend. Hopefully you are not on the East Coast with Hurricane Earl chasing your ankles.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Now The Pressure's On

Wow! I'm amazed at how quickly our list of followers is growing. Welcome to you all- Pidge, The Freely Living Life gang, John Souva Jr, Karen, John and Judy, Laurie and Odel, Rick and Paulette, Kenny and Angela, the Bayfield Bunch, and Bill. You do realize that this is really putting the pressure on us to keep this going :). That's a good thing, because I've been known to procrastinate on occasion (pretty much any occasion, like Monday, Tuesday,Wednesday...)

Thanks for the suggestion to list our house here in the blog. We're not quite ready for prime time yet, it's that procrastination thing again, but we will get the info here as soon as we get the garage cleaned out. We hadn't thought about full-timers wanting to settle down again and give up the life on the road. That's some kind of sacrilege, isn't it? Don't they have to go into the Witness Protection Program?
We've been doing all kinds of research on trucks and fifth wheels- on the web, reading blogs, visiting dealers, and asking experienced RV'ers. Here's where we are at this point. We're looking at a Ford Lariat 350 Crew Cab Diesel pulling a Carriage Cameo 37 RESLS. This package is expensive, but we think that getting this setup, rather than something smaller with plans to upgrade in the future, is better for us. We won't have any more money coming in than we do right now, unless we win the lottery (rumor has it that this prospect is unlikely), so we figure we better get a system  that will suit us for the long haul (pun intended).

We've gone back and forth between a coach and toad  and the 5th wheel option. Our decision goes this way: only one engine to worry about, service for that engine is easier to find, service on the truck should be less expensive than service on coach engine, and more storage space available. I'm pretty handy, both mechanically and electrically, so I'm confident that I can handle most maintenance on the rig.

We also plan to boondock when we can, so we will outfit the rig with solar panels, robust batteries, and a small generator.

So that's the story so far. Your comments and suggestions are very much appreciated.